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Kadencia: La Voz del Barrio

Kadencia’s album “La Voz del Barrio” truly exemplifies an avant garde Neo-Rican musical movement. They have blended traditional Afro-Rican rhythms such as Bomba and Plena with modern-day Salsa creating an audible feast. Originality is not up for discussion. The album is a musical anthology years in the making. All songs were written by lead vocalist Maurice Sanabria and arranged by talented musicians such as Joseph Carbo, Edwin Luciano and Guilly Velez (RIP). Every single song captures a different aspect of the social, historical and cultural identity of Puerto Rico. "La voz del barrio" is not merely an album but rather a journey. It takes us to the Puerto Rico of our parents and grandparents, from the sugar cane plantations to the neighborhoods. The album is an exciting work of art that will forever belong to the beautiful Island and people for whom it was conceived. It is a promising reminder that traditional Puerto Rican music will live on and continue expanding its frontiers while providing its people the comfort and pride it has always bestowed.

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