"Where Music, Culture, and Education Intersect"

Kadencia Orchestra

Afro Puerto Rican music bomba, plena and Salsa

Afro Puerto Rican music bomba, plena and Salsa

Afro Puerto Rican music bomba, plena and SalsaAfro Puerto Rican music bomba, plena and Salsa

Bomba Dancer

Kadencia – Where Music, Culture, and Education Intersect

Kadencia is an orchestra dedicated to conserving and promoting Afro-Puerto Rican music.  The band uses Bomba, Plena, and Salsa to promulgate Puerto Rican culture, educate audiences on our Island’s native musical expressions, and make your body move in ways you never knew possible.

Why Bomba, Plena, and Salsa?

These rhythms are native to Puerto Rico and they were forged out of a necessity to communicate through song everything that is good and bad about our history, culture, and daily life. Music is one of the primary channels used by our people, whether in the mountains or “barrios”, to express social and economic injustice.  Bomba and Plena are also conduits of joy that make people sing and dance like there is no tomorrow. 

Our mission is simple and straightforward; we will make you dance and have a great time while learning about the culture and music of Puerto Rico.  

We look forward to discussing how Kadencia can serve your musical, educational, and cultural needs. 


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